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“Well, ain’t that just the cat’s meow…that little bit ‘o film just under an hour that came screaming through the internet ether and landed here on my unsuspecting ipad, into my heart and head.”  


“You have put together quite the most wonderful piece of this place we call Bethell.

Congratulations sounds too trite. 

Well done my dear, well done!” 

Sheilagh Crandall

“WOW ! So impressive.”


“You really captured the essence of the place and the people…staff, patients, volunteers as well as the families. It was very enlightening. The way in which you told the various stories was truly inspiring. You captured their sadness, their gratitude.

The graphics and the music were both on point, adding to the stories.” 

“Honestly, job well done. Congratulations!”

Mary and William Graham

“It is at the same time beautiful, tear inducing, but also uplifting and hopeful.”

“This documentary should be required watching for every family member to gain a new understanding and perspective on the critical role that hospices fill in this world, and that nobody should go through life’s final chapter alone or unsupported.”

“Your skilful weaving together of all the many strands of the documentary ensures that it will be as fresh and relevant in

30 years as it is today.”  

Tim Powell

“Thank you so much for sharing the film.  It is quite simply a gift of love.”  


“Viewers will come away feeling the warm embrace and magic of Bethell with a much better understanding of why hospice care is important; how families are helped and supported, and that it is all about the resident and their journey.”


“Aren’t we all so fortunate to be surrounded by inspirational, compassionate people.”

Lynn Dobson

What an incredible achievement!!


“To put it mildly we were mesmerized and emotionally drained by it. You captured so many elements, starting with the concept, then the design and build phase, and finally the operation itself and its place

in the community.”


“I’m in awe of your work that makes it come alive and describes how a community can come together as an example for others. Ann and I congratulate you for this wonderful story.”


“You should be very proud of your work. We were captivated from beginning to end.”

Bart MacDougall



“You absolutely captured the essence of Bethell Hospice. It felt complete and totally explained "why Bethell Hospice?  why Hospice??? Bravo!!  BRAVO!!!”


Joanne Gardner    

“Sensitive. Thoughtful. Interesting. Achingly touching at times. Stimulating. Reflective. Sense of both living and dying, life and death. Beautiful to look at.”


“Bravo, as they say in the theatre and life.”

Kasia Seydegart 

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